Happy New Year, everybody!


Let me wish you all the best in the upcoming year.

You’re reading a Hello world post at our blog, so this is the right place for explaining what this blog is good for.

As the blog’s header says, we’ll be posting insights from the development of Vocablr. We’ll share both our excitement and pain with you, as – hopefully – Vocablr will grow into an easy-to-use educational platform, a universal solution for anybody who wants to learn new vocabulary.

What is the current state of affairs then, you ask?

For past several weeks we’ve been gathering feedback from our beta testers - volunteers who already had the chance to put their hands on Vocablr and test it all. Thankfully, their opinions were mostly in alignment with our own thoughts on Vocablr. These can be expressed briefly as: We’re going the right direction, but there’s still an awful load of things to do. …and we think that’s just great!

Now, it’s the time for us to release the first public beta. We’re prepared to handle a large variety of feedback (mainly through the voting tool we have at feedback.vocablr.com) and we hope we’ll manage to use it for optimizing Vocablr’s features. We want Vocablr to be as easy-to-use as possible. So, please, if you have an idea what could be improved, please, drop a sentence in our feedback system or shout it directly to us via iamangry@vocablr.com. Many thanks!

Last but not least, if Vocablr beta haven’t met your expectations, please, don’t condemn it, immediately. We’ve already implemented only approximately 10% of our ideas, so give us some time and check it later. We are releasing it early so that we can get feedback early on and develop Vocablr exactly according to your wishes.


P.S.: 9 of 10 dentists will confirm that adding this blog to your RSS reader is a good idea.

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